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Sun Moon Lake Longan Honey

Longan Honey call be named as longan flower honey, which bees gather nectar from longan flowers. It has smooth consistency, and it’s creamy and aromatic. As it’s collected in spring, some may call it spring honey as well.

Honey source: Taiwan. A pure gift from the nature. SGS certified pesticide residue free, antibiotics free, and no heavy metal contamination.

Nowadays, there are numerous brands offering fake honey in the markets, especially at shopping malls or super markets, where more than 70% of honey are made from fructose and fragrance. It’s hard for consumer to differentiate natural honey and fake one; however, fake honey will not crystallise at low temperature, whilst pure honey contains high level of glucose so it crystallises at low temperature.

As fake honey contains fragrance, it normally has strong aroma. Good honey has little water content so it would not lead to fermentation or go sour, and it has fewer bubbles. Longan honey has deeper colour like amber, and litchi honey, multiflora honey are lighter in colour.



How to eat honey properly
Honey is natural and healthy food with no side effects, so there’s no limitation for its intake. Only one reminder: Don’t infuse honey with hot water as this will decrease its rich level of nutrients like minerals and vitamins. Honey water tastes the best with 1 part of honey and 12 part of cold or warm water. Adding honey into milk or other beverages is a great idea as well.

Storage: Keep it under shadow and not in fridge as honey crystallise at low temperature. Expires in 3 years. We suggest you to buy just enough honey and finish each jar within a year.

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