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Honey custard pudding

Ingredients: Whole milk 450 g, white sugar 45 g Egg white 135 g Honey 10 g Steps: 1. Cook all ingredients over medium heat until white sugar melts. Mix and blend. Sift honey pudding curd into a baking dish. Get…

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Honey pomelo infused water

Ingredients: pomelo, white sugar, honey Steps: 1. Peel pomelo and remove the white part between its peels and fruit. Slice it. Soak it in slightly-salted water for 15 min. 2. Add sugar into water and bring to boil. Add pomelo…

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Honey lemon ice cubes

Ingredients: Lemon x1 Honey 30ml Cold water 200ml Steps: 1. Rinse lemon thoroughly and brush its skin. Slice it and cut both ends off. Pick up three rounded slices and chop it. 2. Add honey into cold water. 3. Squeeze…

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Honey lemon cheese cake

Ingredients: Butter cookies 80g Unsalted butter 35g Custard 125g Unflavoured yogurt 80g Butter 130g White sugar 30g Lemon juice 1 teaspoon 1 lemon zest Gelatine leaves 5g honey 35g water 120ml Gelatine leaves 3g Steps: 1.Bring custard and yogurt out…

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