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Honey lemon cheese cake



Butter cookies 80g
Unsalted butter 35g
Custard 125g
Unflavoured yogurt 80g
Butter 130g
White sugar 30g
Lemon juice 1 teaspoon
1 lemon zest
Gelatine leaves 5g
honey 35g
water 120ml
Gelatine leaves 3g


1.Bring custard and yogurt out from fridge to get room temperature. Cut baking paper to a round shape and line the base with baking paper. Put butter cookies in a plastic bag, and break them into crumbles with rolling pin. Use a microwave or a double boiler to melt unsalted butter.

2.Add melted butter into plastic bag. Shake it and squeeze the bag to mix crumbles and butter together. Add this mixture into a baking tray. Use a spoon to press the mixture hard, otherwise the cake will crush when it’s being cut.

3.Mix lemon zest with white sugar. Gently squeeze lemon zest to get more refreshing aroma from lemon.

4.Press and blend custard with a spatula until softens.

5.Add in yogurt and whisk the mixture. It will appear to be like tofu pudding at the beginning but will get smoother gradually. Add lemon juice and then keep whisking.

6.Sift the mixture and scratch custard off from the sieve. Do not skip this step as this will ensure smoothness of the cake. If it’s too bothering for you, then whisk the mixture harder.

7.Bath gelatine leaves in iced water for five mins. Melt 30g butter and add in lemon in step 3 and keep stiring. Dry gelatine leaves and add into the mixture. Heat up the mixture by microwave to ensure it’s completely dissolved. Mix gelatine mixture with custard mixture and blend.

8.Quickly beat 100g butter but do not make it too creamy. Add a scoop of whipped butter into custard mixture. Then pour all the butter into custard mixture and give it a gentle whisk. Pour into baking tin and give it a shake to make mixture flattened. Cover with a washed or sanitised bubble wrap (with the bubble side against custard mixture). You can skip this step if honeycomb-like is not preferred.

9.Gently press every corner of bubble wrap, making sure it sticks to the mixture completely. Store in fridge for 2 hours.

10.Soak gelatine leaves in iced water for five minute. Mix honey and water and warm up the infusion. Squeeze out excessive liquids from gelatine leaves and add into honey infusion. Stir until gelatine melts. Use iced water to cool down honey infusion. Use a bamboo stick to peel bubble wrap. Pour honey infusion (already cooled down) into baking tin and store it in fridge overnight.

11.Use a warm tea towel to round the tin. Lift baking tin and remove it from the cake.

12.After the cake is taken out, use a cake spatula to separate the cake from baking paper.

13.Before serving, wash your knife with warm water and wipe it dry. Make sure you give your knife a nice wash and wipe before every single cut.

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