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Honey pomelo infused water

Ingredients: pomelo, white sugar, honey


1. Peel pomelo and remove the white part between its peels and fruit. Slice it. Soak it in slightly-salted water for 15 min.

2. Add sugar into water and bring to boil. Add pomelo peels and ¼ of pomelo fruit and cook for another while.

3. Whilst cooking pomelo peels, gather pomelo fruit together for later use. Cook until pomelo peels get lighter in color.

4. Add pomelo fruit into water and boil it. Turn to low heat and keep stirring for about one hour.

5.Remove from heat. Cool it down. Add honey into warm pomelo water. Stir and bottle up. Keep it in fridge for three days. Honey pomelo infused water tastes better as time grow longer.

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